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Windows Must Be Included In Commercial Property Maintenance

Posted on January 15th, 2016

Windows Must Be Included In Commercial Property Maintenance

Building and maintenance supervisors are given a number of difficult tasks to handle. Whether it's the cleaning of carpets, inspecting roofs, maintaining air conditioning systems, or simple day to day concerns, it may often seem like a maintenance supervisor's work is never actually done.

While the list is certainly endless, there is one item that often goes ignored during the maintenance process and needs to be added to checklists everywhere. If regular window cleaning is not a part of your commercial property maintenance, this policy needs to change as soon as possible.

It may not seem like window washing is all that important, as far as maintenance issues are concerned. But regular window cleaning is the glue that holds your entire facility together. Keeping your windows crystal clear sends a powerful signal to passerby and potential consumers. An unclean facility can send the wrong type of message to your clientele.

Regular window maintenance is crucial to keeping your facility free from spider webs, all debris and dust that accumulates over the course of time and any fallout that takes place as a result from bird droppings. Keeping these common issues at bay is one of the most important reasons why windows must become a regular part of any commercial property maintenance project.

Damage also takes place and a facility's window are particularly susceptible when they have not been cleaned on a regular basis. There are a variety of environmental factors that are beyond your control which can also cause a variety of permanent damages. Concrete leaching is often overlooked, but when this problem is unchecked, windows are prone to hard water staining.

A variety of commercial buildings are constructed with concrete and this concrete exists on the same vertical plane as the windows. As time passes, the minerals that were used during the construction and manufacturing process begin to leak out and cause damage to the windows and wall. If you have ever noticed vertical streaks on a facility's walls and windows, the leaking of calcium is often to blame.

This is an unfortunate side effect of modern construction. When a concrete wall is located above a facility's windows, this construction quirk means that commercial property maintenance needs to be conducted in a much more thorough manner.

The process does not always reveal itself immediately. It often takes years and months for mineral streaks to be deposited onto glass. However, once the process has finished taking place, costly glass is left with even more expensive damages.

While you can still remove these mineral streak from a facility's windows after the fact, the process is not only expensive, but it is also very time consuming. It is simply easier to properly maintain the windows in the first place and not wait for these sorts of damages to crop up.

As a result, the best medicine for your windows is of the preventive variety. All your windows need to look their best is regular cleaning. The process is simple and much less costly and labor intensive than repairing windows that have already experienced damages.

Commercial properties are best served by a quarterly cleaning regimen. By maintaining this schedule, minor mineral deposits are not able to become a major issue. These deposits are not given the opportunity to etch their way into your glass.

When you are in search of the best way to keep your building looking professional and clean, professional window cleaning is the number one method. Your windows are the most visible item on your building, as well as the most expensive. It behooves you to alter your cleaning schedule, so that your investment is always protected.

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