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How To Assess Costs And Select The Best Window Cleaning Company

Posted on December 16th, 2015

How To Assess Costs And Select The Best Window Cleaning Company

A vast majority of Americans neglect to regularly clean the windows of their homes. This phenomenon occurs for a variety of reasons.

First and foremost, many people do not wish to clean their windows themselves. It is a challenging task, the type of chore that homeowners tend to avoid at all costs.

If you ask most people if they would like to spend one of their rare days off pushing a ladder all around the perimeter of their property, while also lugging a cumbersome bucket everywhere, the answer is likely a resounding NO!

Window cleaning is not only difficult, it is also extremely time consuming. It can also be very dangerous, especially for those who are inexperienced and attempting to accomplish the task by themselves.

Even if you are able to complete the task, it will take several hours of hanging out of your windows, twisting your body into unimaginable positions in a futile attempt to wipe down the hard to reach places and untold amounts of squeegee fumbling. After all of that strife, you are still going to end up with leftover streaks.

It certainly isn't hard to see why so many people opt to pass this annoying task onto a professional. Handling window cleaning duties on your own is a great way to alleviate this common household concern and keep your home looking spotless.

However, the truth to this matter is that people do not like to spend money on things that they believe they are able to accomplish by themselves. There are also those who are not familiar with the costs associated with professional window cleaning and erroneously believe that a company is trying to rob them blind.

Thanks to this simple guide, you can learn more about how to assess window cleaning costs, so that you are no longer viewing the process through the wrong lens. With this helpful handbook, the consumer is able to better understand the window cleaning costs that are quoted to them and choose the company that works best for them.

Reading on allows you to learn everything you need to know and ensures that you will select the top company for your particular window cleaning job.

Factors To Consider

The Company's Cleaning Process

As with almost any other purchase you are going to make, you will get exactly what you paid for. So stop to consider the company's cleaning process. If you are shopping around and two companies each charge a similar price, but one of the companies offers additional services, this should make your decision a total no brainer.

Investigate Each Step Of The Process

You are ostensibly hiring a window cleaning company so that they can achieve the tasks you are unable to accomplish. Inspecting each step of the process to make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck is crucial.


The first step of the process is all about rubbing and scrubbing the windows to relieve them of any pent up filth and grime before the true cleaning begins. Airborne contaminants must also be removed.

Top Tier Equipment

The squeegees and additional equipment by the window cleaning company you hire need to be top of the line. If their equipment resembles your own, this is typically a red flag.


The best window cleaning company is useless if they do not partake in the proper cleanup procedures. The edges and sills of your windows must be clean and dry.

Only hire a company with a proven track record, one that can guarantee high caliber results. Be sure to shop around and compare prices, so that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

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